Organic GABA Oolong – InBetweenIsode #21 w/ Denny

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  1. GABA is in reference to to the neurotransmitter that is present in highly than usual due to the processing of “oxidizing” in nitrogen. I believe it was originally discovered by the japan during an experiment in attempting to prolong shelf life of foods.

    GABA extract supplement doses are are usually 200 mg multiple 3x/day and the content averaging in the tea leaves depending on producer is ~200mg gaba/100g dry leaf. GABA as a supplement can not cross the blood brain barrier so its debatable if taking it as a supplement(drinking as a tea) has any benefit. That does not even take into account the simple fact having to eat 300 g of dry tea leaves a day in order to reach this dosage as steeping the tea surely only dissolves a percentage each steepings.

    All that being said I enjoy the raison dried sweet fruit taste and i do find there effect calming and a happy tea drunk.

  2. Hi guys,
    I’m just starting to get into brewing quality teas, and I just purchased my first gaiwan. I have learned so much from watching your videos, but I have one question. I use an electric tea kettle at home and I find myself reboiling the water (I’ve heard this is detrimental to the brew) throughout the course of my steepings. What method do you use to keep your water at a constant temperature?


    • Hi Bret,

      Thanks for the comment. In general I wouldn’t worry about keeping it at a hot temperature. It’s probably more trouble than its worth. I’d just reboil (every 15 minutes or so) and after two reboils discard the remaining water and replace it with fresh water.

      In general, it’s something you’ll get a natural feel of over time and many gong-fu sessions.

      Hope this helps and cheers,

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