Is Mouth Feel Real? InBetweenIsode #19 w/ Denny

What do you think? Are we totally full of it or is this a real thing?!

2 responses to “Is Mouth Feel Real? InBetweenIsode #19 w/ Denny”

  1. I’ve once had someone tell me all beer taste like beer. I snarkily replied that I had drank orange juice and thought it was apple juice, rolling my eyes.

    I think people associate a certain ‘pretentiousness’ when someone is into a certain hobby that has to do with taste (wine, foodie, even cigars). At least in my experience. I also think that it is easy to dispel the myth, like you did very simply and quickly with the difference of milk and water. Just my 2 cents.

  2. This discussion reminds me of this xckd comic:

    I remember earlier this week when I was in the car with two of my roommates, after the car had just started up:

    Roommate 1 to Me: “Do you smell that Keith?”
    Me: “Yeah, that’s obvious”
    Roommate 1 to Roommate 2: “See, I’m not crazy.”
    Roommate 2 to Roommate 1: “I didn’t think you were crazy, I just have a bad sense of smell”

    I think noticing minutiae in tea (or anything else) can be similar. Personally, I can definitely notice differences in mouth feel between different teas. But for another person, these differences may simply not exist, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a contradiction.

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