Mandala Tea’s 2012 Ripe PuEr – InBetweenIsode #9 w/ Denny

Delicious. This tea comes from 40-50 year old abandoned tea plants, fermented for 46 days and pressed in March, 2012 in the Jing Mai Mountain region of China.

Molasses, plum, and robotussin. I also have a really intense tea sniff at 1:25. Wooooahhhh!

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  1. Hi Denny,
    Big thanks for another entertaining and informative tasting. I have been drinking a lot of ripe pu-erh in the colder weather and like seeing all of your reviews of these teas.

    I know you are a big fan of the Xiguan Tuo from Yunnan Sourcing as your daily drinker. I was wondering if you tried the 2005 in addition to the 2007 and if you could tell a difference between the two?? I ordered the 2007 based on your last review, but see the 2005 is for sale on the US site for a few dollars more.
    Thanks again!!

    • Thanks Carolyn! I love both the 05 and 07 tuos and think they resemble each other a bunch so it’s a matter of where you’re ordering from (the US vs China sites).

      Hope this helps

  2. Hi Denny
    Great job as always with those tasting notes. The encroaching cold weather and your reviews have helped depend my appreciation for ripe pu erh. You often talk about a pu erh being right in the middle of the typical profile – or not. I think I get what you mean by this. I would appreciate your recommendations on some ripe pu erh that is middle of the road, and also some others that are deviant from that ‘typical profile’ in some particular way. That is, I would like your recommendations for some good examples of ripe pu erh that could expand our range. Currently I find that vanilla / cherry profile very appealing. Cheers

    • Hey John, thanks for your comment and happy to lend some help where I can.

      I would strongly recommend the 2005/2007 Xiguan Tuo from Yunnan Sourcing. You might want to also check out a Menghai 7262 Cake, mine is from 2008 and it’s really right there with those strong vanilla cherry syrupy flavors.

      Hope these tips help! Let me know!!

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