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2008 Fangmingyuan Nannuo [Episode 279]

This episode we drink an old blogger favorite, the Fangmingyuan Nannuo. This tea is from Tiago over at Tea Encounter and has been stored in Beijing for 10 years.

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Correcting Your Storage & Preventing Mold. What are Safe Parameters?

So you got mold? This is a real risk for anyone aging pu’erh, especially those with setups designed to add some form of humidity. After you deal with the immediate outbreak, you essentially have two options. Scrap your setup and … Continue reading

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2005 Changtai Jingpin Raw Pu’erh via Farwenwa (US Stored) [Inbetweenisode 175]

This episode I drink a Washington state stored raw pu’erh. The tea is the Changtai Jingpin, which was stored a couple hours east of Seattle. I think the dry-storage has treated this tea (which probably wasn’t overly aggressive to begin … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Marco’s Hotbox Storage Experiment [Inbetweenisode 174]

This episode, I talk on Marco’s fascinating experiment where he heats up his pu’erh in a cooler (kept at a fairly steady humidity). It’s only one year in, but there’s a lot of food for thought!

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2018 Crimson Lotus Tea Guoyoulin (Yiwu) Raw Pu’erh [Episode 276]

This episode we drink a premium Yiwu from Crimson Lotus Tea. Very fresh, premium young tea with huge leaves. Thanks to Glen & Lamu for the sample.

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Q&A. Vendor + Tea Recommendations, Tea Books, Judging Pu’erh, etc. [Inbetweenisode 173]

This episode I answer a series of questions on tea, covering a pretty wide range of topics. Topics include vendors for aged oolongs, water, tea books, caffeine content, judging pu’erh, and some pu’erh recommendations. Thanks for all the great questions … Continue reading

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YQH Retrospective & The YQH Value Spot

In our small little westerm tea community, there was quite a stir over YQH in 2015 and 2016. I’ll personally admit to being caught up in both the dialog and purchasing of these teas. YQH remains available via Emmett, the most important … Continue reading

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2006 Yangqing Hao Qixiang Raw Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 172]

This episode, I drink another Yangqing Hao raw pu’erh. This one is purportedly a spring only blend of the six famous mountains. It is softer and quite different than the 2007s with deceptive strength. 6.5 Rating.

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Tea-Side, Vendor Profile & Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting tea vendors and Russian expats Valerii and Jane when I went to Chiang Mai. I had not been planning on any tea meetups on this trip, but Valerii happened to see I was traveling … Continue reading

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Garrett Pre-Taiwan Travel Diaries [Inbetweenisode 171]

In this episode, we discuss Garrett’s upcoming trip to Taiwan in September. We talk about shopping for tea abroad, what he hopes to buy, and some aspects of traveling there. After he returns from his trip in late September, we … Continue reading

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