2014 Tea Urchin’s Gaoshan Zhai [Episode 113]

The second of a two-part series on a couple Tea Urchin teas that were included in the Yiwu report. This tea is the 2014 Gaoshan Zhai, a tea that has an inviting complex taste and a wonderful aftertaste.

5 responses to “2014 Tea Urchin’s Gaoshan Zhai [Episode 113]”

  1. I always thought it was interesting that Denny describes sheng pu’erh as having a petroleum/gasoline taste. Pu’erh is my tea of choice 95% of the time for years now and I’ve never tasted anything I would call petroleum. It just goes to show how subjective our experience of taste is. Sweet, bitter, salty etc are universal, but the specific taste associations beyond that, not so much. Person (A) might taste (blank) where person (B) tastes something else, making a different association in their brain. After all, no tea really truly tastes like anything other than tea =)

  2. Hey Guys,

    Great as usual.

    I just put an order in for Tea Urchin stuff. Most of it is what you guys have sampled on the show.

    Quick question: How far back do you guys call a young pu’reh a “young pu’reh”? 1yr, 2yr, 3yr old etc…?


    • Hi Eric,

      That’s a tricky one. I’d probably go with around 5 years being the cut-off between young and not quite as young. Teas can mature/brown pretty quickly depending on the conditions though.


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