2007 Dayi Anxiang Ripe Shu Pu’erh, Atlanta Stored [Inbetweenisode 196]

This episode I bring on one of my favorite ripe teas of all time, an Atlanta-stored 2007 Dayi Secret Fragrance ripe. This tea is complex, textured and everything you’d want from a upper-end ripe pu’erh tea. Thank you Darius for sharing this tea with me again!

Rating: 8.2.


2 responses to “2007 Dayi Anxiang Ripe Shu Pu’erh, Atlanta Stored [Inbetweenisode 196]”

  1. James,

    Nice inbetweenisode. I have not tried that version yet but I will definitely look out for it. I have always been a fan of Dayi ripes and have a fair amount of them. Do you know how Darius stores his teas here in Atlanta? Mine are stored in a humidity controlled pumidor, but I am always interested in hearing about other set ups…especially when they appear to be successful.


    • Hi Karl,

      Darius does not use a pumidor and stores his teas fairly naturally (I think in cardboard postal boxes?). You could probably poke around and find more specifics on how he does it. I’ve had a few other versions of this tea and Darius’ version is particularly outstanding.


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