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2007 Yibang Chamasi Mansa [Episode 202]

A production by Yibang Chamasi (formerly Tailian) featuring supposedly eastern Yiwu area material. Aged and priced well to be a daily drinker. Acquired from Toby via The Jade Leaf.

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2000 Menghai Tea Factory Red Ribbon Tuo [Inbetweenisode 122]

A 2000 Menghai Tea Factory Tuo production stored in Taiwan and featured in one of Toby’s Curated Boxes. A good quality, tippy production. Thanks to the Cavemanking for sending it. https://steepster.com/discuss/14371-curated-puerh-box-0003-the-taiwanese-connection-ii https://www.instagram.com/cavemanking/

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