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Yancha (Wuyi Oolongs) [March 2015 Tea Drinking Report]

Big shoutouts to Brian, Carolyn, and Richard (+vendors) for providing several of the teas for this month and allowing the content to be what it is! I hope you like long-form content, because this tea of the month report is … Continue reading

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Red Box Sea Dyke Dahongpao — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #22

In inbetweenisode #22, James begins a series on Wuyi Oolongs (Yancha). Sea Dyke is an old-school brand of Wuyi Oolongs that mainly exports out of China to southeast Asia. This episode also coincides with the March tea of the month.

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About Shui Xian and Three Different Uses of Shui Xian and other Yancha

Along with Rou Gui and Da Hong Pao, Shui Xian (also Water Lily) is one of the most represented Yancha in the western tea market. It lacks the sensational origin story or marketing potential of Da Hong Pao but is … Continue reading

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Shui Xian Sea Dyke Wuyi Oolong [Episode 49]

Episode 49, Denny and James review a big Chinese supermarket staples, Sea Dyke. Retailing for $1.50/125grams, James picked this one up from a local (Seattle) Chinese market.

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