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  • Tasting From Deep in My Storage. Pu’erh Progress Report 2019 [Inbetweenisode 193]

    This episode I talk about a series of tastings I’ve done with teas deeper in my stash that I purchased in 2014-2015. Most of the teas have been stored in my storage but I also drank a couple from fellow Washington state residents, Garrett (guest collaborator) and Geraldo. I discuss how the teas have been […]

  • Tea Progress Report – Washington State Stored Tea 2019

    This is an extremely overdue tea drinking report. It was conceived for two reasons. (1) I recently reconfigured my storage into a larger setup. (2) I have a yearly tradition of picking some teas out of deep storage to retry and note their progression (or lack thereof). The latter allows me to get a better […]

  • The Secondary Pu’erh Market & A Few Pricing Factors

    The secondary market is defined in this ebay guide on collectibles terminology as: “the buying and selling of collectibles previously sold on the primary market by retailers to collectors.” . Even though it is a consumable, the pu’erh market is also a collectible market and has a very active secondary markets in the east. In the west […]