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2017 Gao Ma Er Xi Hunan Fuzhuan via YS [Episode 291]

This episode, Denny and I drink a smoky, savory Hunan Fu brick from Yunnan Sourcing. A very unique and engaging tea that stands out from your typical Fuzhuan.

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Five More Things I Like & Dislike. Heicha is Overly Broad, XXL Home Storage Setups, Vendors Speaking Out.

Things I like & dislike.

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2017 Gaojiashan Hui Gui Fuzhuan via YS [Episode 267]

This episode, Denny and I drink a very interesting Heicha from Hunan. The tea is made by Gaojiashan factory and is a golden flower brick, Fuzhuan. The processing is done in a way that creates yellow fungi (Golden Flowers). It’s … Continue reading

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2014 Hunan Heicha Tianjian Basket Tea via Jonny [Episode 258]

This episode, James & Denny review a Hunan Heicha generously provided by Jonny. The tea is tippy, but brews quite smooth and the profile is some combination of oolong and pu’erh. Very interesting and enjoyable tea! Big thank you to Jonny … Continue reading

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2007 Xiangyi Zhuan Hunan Heicha via YS [Episode 176]

The final episode of our mini-series on Fuzhuans. This tea is more similar to semi-aged raw pu’erh and has a distinctively strong, ripe fruit aroma and taste to it. Sample courteously supplied by Scott.

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2014 Gaojia Shan Guan Gong Fuzhuan via YS [Episode 175]

The rancid side of Hunan Fuzhuan. This yellow flowered tea also comes from Scott at Yunnan Sourcing. The 2014 Gaojia Shan Guan Gong..

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Hunan Tianjian Heichas via YS [Episode 174]

This episode, Denny and James drink a pair of heichas from Scott of Yunnan Sourcing. Both teas are somewhat different from what we’re used to but are very easy to enjoy. Gao Jia Benshan Gao Jia Shan Wulong Shan

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1970s Fuzhuan via Varat — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #103

A mellow, aged Fuzhuan courtesy of Varat of the Guide to Pu’erh Tea blog. Thanks for this fun, mellow treat!

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