Double Lions

Double Lions

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Tongqing Hao

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Tea Type: Raw Pu'erh
Region: Yiwu (Wild)


Tong Qing Hao was established at Yiwu in the year of 1736, which was the largest tea factory in Yiwu. The origin of Tong Qing was from a Hunan farmer, the Liu’s family. The accentor Liu Hancheng moved to Yiwu from shipping in 1725. Since there were two lions printed on the ticket, it’s also named as “Double Lions TongQing Hao”. There were two types of large ticket, the “Five colors flag” and “the flag of blue sky with a white sun”. Both tickets used the Yiwu tea materials. The ticket said, “Our Company specifically produces the Puerh in Yi Wu. However, there were lots of counterfeited Puerh produced, so we changed the logo to double lions. Customers need to pay attention on the logo before purchasing”. On the other hand, “The flag of blue sky with a white sun” has stunning sprouts on the surface and strong flavor (Sunsing).


1920 Double Lions 357g